Sunday, 5 October 2014

Freshers Tag!

Hello My Wonderful Followers,

I am doing a tag post today but it's a special one because I made it up myself! As you know I've now been at uni for a fortnight so I thought I would answer some question and try and make going to uni easier for anyone who is going in the future!

1) Which Uni do you go to and what are you studying?

I'm at Leeds Beckett University, studying Dietetics. Dietetics is the degree which dietitans have to study.

2) What type of accommodation do you live in?

I am in university accommodation in a flat of 5 people, 3 girls and 2 boys. We all have out own indivual bedrooms and en-suites but share a kitchen and living area. The best thing about the accommodation is they have provided us with a flat screen TV and have payed for our license!

3) What's your bedroom like?

My bedroom is lovely!  I have made it very homely and I love it! I can't really describe it so here are some pictures!

The Bathroom!
Pin Board & Shelves
The Desk

4) Were you nervous to go to uni?

I don't think nervous even describes it I was petrified! I didn't eat for the whole day and I was very very shaky but I know now there was nothing to be afraid of!

5) Harsdest thing to get used when not living at home?

I think the hardest thing is not always having some one there to talk to, I know I have my fact mates but it's not the same as having family around! However phone calls, texts and other social media makes it easy enough to talk to loved ones. 

6) What's your new city like?

Leeds is massive! compared to the town I come from and the neighbouring city Leeds is huge! There is many shopping centres and lots of clubs for nights out! However I am getting used to it, still feel I may get lost in the town centre a lot more yet!

7) Favorite Freshers event?

My 2 Favorite event have been the ones held in the Student Union! This included the beach party I mention last week and the UV party! Pictures included below!

Love Photo Booths!

8) Favorite thing to do while at Uni?

My fave thing to do so far is cocktail Friday with my course mates, who are all older than me some by nearly 6 years but I found the a great way to rewind after a week of being bombarded by information.

Sex on the Beach & Mango Tango

9) Do you feel different now your living with out your parents?

Yes, moving out has highlighted how independent I actually am. I know at home it did depend on my parents to cook, make sure I get out of bed for school and does my washing etc. I found that I have settled in quite well to do it my self now. I also realised how useful knowing how to read a map is as I haven't got lost once yet, thank you to Google maps!

10) Any advice for any Freshers to be?

Be confident, friendly and smile! Make lists be organised and don't forget have an amazing time!

I hope you have enjoy my first every homemade tag! Also remember if you would like to hear more from me and see my next blog to come and follow my Bloglovin Page and like my blog's Facebook Page! 
Katie xxx

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